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Développement durable et Coopération Internationale

BEST:Biodiversité et services écosystémiques dans les territoires des régions ultrapériphériques, les pays et territoires d’outre-mer de l’Union européenne

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publié le 7 mars 2017

Dear BEST colleagues and friends,
2016 has been an amazing and eventful year for the these special entities and we are so glad to have been a part of it with you all.

Some of our highlights have included watching with delight the huge increase in marine protection and sustainable use of our global ocean. New ecosystem profiles and a greater recognition from the international conservation community arrived in the middle of the year. At the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii EU overseas were recognised for their important contribution to global biodiversity and conservation efforts. Promotion has been done to showcase the many achievements and future potential of these special parts of the world and we have developed new communication materials. These come in the form of 7 regional exhibition banners, a mini-documentary and a visual journey of BEST to name but a few.
The year ended building on these strengths- the successful 44 EU Overseas projects which were granted funds through the BEST initiative (click here and here for details) and BEST’s recognition at the CBD COP 13 in Mexico by GLISPA, as their first Interregional challenge.

None of these achievements could have been possible without the time and efforts of our BEST friends and colleagues, so we would like to thank you all and wish you all the best for this New Year 2017 !

Warm regards,
The BEST consortium coordination team

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